The Relec Modular Switchboard System

This system is a product of innovative design and manufacturing experience applied through an intensive development program. The result is a high quality, cost effective structure particularly suited to short lead times.

  • Designed and built in Australia for Australia.
  • Employs efficient construction technique.
  • Allows flexibility in design.
  • Modular system allows modification during manufacture and in service.
  • Tested to AS61439 for through current
  • Thermal capacity and Appendix ZD
  • Textured X15 orange scratch resistant finish as standard, other colour available on request.
  • Supported by Relec continuing design and innovation.

The modular design offers flexibility in design and size where limited access provides construction challenges.

The modular design provides flexibility of design and dimension to suit the most difficult switchroom access and space.  There is a reduced height structure available.

The combination of these features ensure that the Relec Modular Switchboard will provide the best solution.

The structures are easily re-assembled., however, Relec will provide staff to join the shipping sections one located on site.

The switchboard assembly can meet the AS/NZ 61439 forms of construction 1 to 4 with variants and can combine multiple forms of construction with a single assembly.

Relec will co-ordinate with clients to provide grading studies and drawing submissions.


Motor Control Centres

  • The Relec Modular Switchboard System is ideal for use as a Motor Control Centre, form 3 & form 4 is a breeze with individual compartments for each motor starter.
  • Need a PLC section as part of your MCC, not a problem, additional tiers can easily be added due to the uniformity of design.

Each starter is assembled within an individual cell, this allows starters to be fully assembled & checked prior to installation on the MCC, with significantly reduced downtime.

If you have to make some changes to increase or decrease kW rating for drives, the flexibility of the system allows you to remove & replace cells in an MCC, even if they are different sizes as the shelves can be adjusted from the front & new doors of the new size are provided with the new cell.

Distribution Boards

  • Australian designed and manufactured in Sydney.
  • Flexible design where multiple cabinets can be assembled to provide a larger structure.
  • Spacious with a depth of 250mm.
  • In built cable tray and accessory modules.
  • Available in a “Safe Work” option for data centers and mission critical equipment installations
  • IP56 construction as standard. The standard board complies with AS3000 2007 Section (h) Note 1 for smoke seals IP5X;
    Optional plinth for floor mounting.

The multiple cabinet sizes with the boxes allows the design of distribution boards to be arranged to suit riser cupboards and mounting spaces.

The accessory modules and enclosures are available to fit other equipment such as Cbus or contactors and are of the same appearance as the distribution board.


Generator Connection Cubicles


Outdoor temporary generator connection cubicles. Mild steel powdercoated or stainless steel. Padlockable door with special cable access flap that allows safe connection of the temporary cables & the door to be locked. Ample busbar connections so you never get stuck trying to connect your temporary cables. Can be provided with a phase rotation meter and indication lights if required.

PLC Panels

  • The modular system is ideal for PLC panels for large project that need plenty of space for marshalling and multiple racks.
  • PLC Panels can be made to match your MCC, they can be incorporated within the MCC itself, or they can be a stand alone unit.
    Smaller panels can be made utilizing the Relec DB enclosure providing a range of sizes to suit the application.

Power Factor Correction Units

As technology changes and more electronics are being introduced into everything we use day to day, from manufacturing with soft starters and variable speed drives, to data centres & all the way through to our desktops & laptops, power quality is more important than ever.

At Relec Switchboards we can provide you with the latest technology for power factor correction, Static Var Generators, SVG’s detect the phase angle difference and generates leading or lagging current into the grid, making the phase angle of current almost the same as that of voltage on the transformer side, they provide reactive power and imbalance compensation, they have a flexible modular design allowing them to be incorporated into a range of applications & cabinets, they can operate at -10~50°C temperature, & best of all if you are environmentally conscious, they are perfect for use with wind & solar power as well as being compatible with diesel generators. So no matter where you get your energy from, SVG’s provide the highest quality correction to ensure longevity of all of your equipment.


Meter Panels

  • Available to suit multiple quantities of meters.
  • Sturdy construction.
  • Three phase, single phase or a combination of both.
  • AMR spacing provided for Ausgrid requirements.
  • Wall or Floor Mounted.
  • Cable Supports fitted to rear.
  • Galvanised Finish standard, X15 Orange as an option.

Flexible designs in 650mm & 800mm wide, 975mm, 1725mm and 2125mm high configurations. Service Protection Devices / Main switches / Main Isolators can easily be included within the panel up to 630A. Suitable for Embedded Metering Projects. Fully Compliant with 2016 Service and Installation Rules of New South Wales.


Embedded Metering


Continuing changes in the retail metering part of our industry is not an issue for Relec, if you need embedded metering for your project, talk to us.

Automatic Transfer Switches


With so much critical equipment in today’s installations, back-up generators or alternate supplies are increasingly common, Relec can provide break transfer systems as well as Synchronised Closed Transition Transfer system. Logic controls to suit your needs, PLC control or hard wired relay logic, what you need is what we install.

When using PLC logic, don’t worry about losing your program, we will save a copy on our server as well as provide you with a back-up program that can be easily installed back into the PLC. If your not sure about the programming, no problem, we can provide a second PLC fully programmed as a spare ready to go it you ever need it.

Supply Authority CT Cubicles

  • Individual enclosures or incorporated into switchboards.
  • Assembled to comply with the 2016 Service and Installation Rules of New South Wales.
  • An optional Service Protection Device / Main Switch / CT Isolator is available.

The current transformers can be provided by the client or by Relec.


Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Vehicle Charging Station

We move with technology as technology moves us, hybrid & electric vehicles are increasingly becoming a way of life, yet the old petrol station doesn’t seem to be keeping pace, take control of your energy & put in your own Electric Vehicle Charging Station, if you have a fleet of vehicles or are transitioning towards them for your staff, sales representative’s or anyone in your team, keep them charged and ready to go, install an Electric Vehicle Charging Station at your workplace. At Relec Switchboards we can come to site & review your site switchboards and provide expert advice on how we can help you get powered up with an Electric Vehicle Charging Station.

Vehicle Charging Station 2

Site Servicing and Maintenance

Relec has a diverse and enthusiastic team of tradesman that can perform on site modifications, servicing and maintenance to meet your requirements, call us any time to make an appointment.

Manildra Nowra - BEFORE
Manildra Nowra - BEFORE
Manildra Nowra - AFTER
Manildra Nowra - AFTER

Special Requirements

  • Outdoor weatherproof construction.
  • Aluminium cabinets for RMS projects.
  • Stainless steel in 304 or 316 grade, painted or unpainted.
  • Anti- graffiti coatings available.
  • Robust vandal resistant designs.

Switchboards for sporting fields for general power and lighting control
Made to suit location, height, width, depth are all to suit the application
Choose any colour you want, we will do our best to match brickwork, existing building colours, or something that will just blend with the environment
Option for custom weatherproof exterior using Relec modular internals to reduce cost and lead times.

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